Friday, September 28, 2012

Fall Field Trip

One of the many wonderful things about of volunteering with the Junior League is that you can make lifelong friends.  Many of my closest friendships are living proof of that, as the girls that I hang out with most, were in my membership class 15 years ago!

Today I am taking Angie and Tricia with me on a weekend getaway to visit Barb, one of our dear Junior League friends that has moved away.  Barb now lives in northern Indiana and has been tempting us with stories of Amish country for a while now in hopes that we would come see her.

Our theme is "I wanna go to Shipshewana" or "Girls Gone Amish," depending on who you ask.  We are going to talk and laugh and drive around the area poking our head in shops, looking for quilts and who knows what.  I promise to take a lot of pictures and fill you in on what we find.

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