Monday, September 24, 2012

Delightful Blogs

House Beautiful magazine has recommended that people look into finding and reading "delightful blogs" (March issue, p.78). And since that is precisely what I have been writing about here at for the past 5 years,  I want to applaud them and welcome you to my 1,600 original posts.

I am an author, photographer and crafter, so the photos, thoughts and ideas you see here are all mine.  My mission is to delight my readers with topics that range from interior design and baking, to friendship and collecting.  You never know what I will be writing about each day, but that is part of the fun!  

I have a "City Series" displayed in the right hand column that lets you read my posts from a specific city, if you are planning a trip.

Just below that is "Anne's Favorite Recipes" section so you can jump to my recipes by name ("Cheddar Leaves" for Fall parties!).

The "Blog Archive" is displayed by month, so if you want to read about a particular season with me, choose "April" within "2009" and you'll see Easter and Spring posts.  

There is also a "Search Box" if you want to read about something specific like roses or honey.  Have fun!  Reading about delight is good for you.

xo Anne, Architect of Delight at

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