Thursday, September 20, 2012

Intent To Delight

This is a moment of delight!  A single David Austin "Heritage" rose and a spring of mint resting on a silver coaster on my piano.  Do you ever make tiny bouquets?  It is easy with this flat disc vase from CB2.

I like to have something small and sweet in unexpected place around the house.  It shows my intent to delight and is a visual gift to everyone who sees it.  Do I sound crazy?  I am completely serious.

Here, I have it resting on the ledge of the piano.  Sometimes I put a single rose in the first floor bathroom or next to the phone in the kitchen.

I definitely have turned my rose garden into a cutting garden.  When I get a bloom, I cut it, no regrets.  I would much rather have it shown off in the house than leave it outside bobbing in the elements.

Plus, this way I get to show you!  How do you show your intent to delight? 

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