Friday, September 21, 2012

Leland Fishtown Tug Cookies

This fishing tug has long been the symbol of Fishtown and represents the charm and history of Leland, Michigan.  The town has been a fishing village since the late 1800's and this particular model of fishtown tug has been a working fishing vessel in the waters of Lake Michigan for more than fifty years.

For years there have been tug window decals, t-shirts and jewelry to help those that love Leland trumpet their affection for the town.  The Tug Stuff shop in Fishtown has the largest collection.  My favorite tug item is a 3-D silver charm for a necklace that I found in the Leelanau Historical Society gift shop.

Recently, a local bakery Sisson's started making tug cookies!  I highly recommend them for afternoon tea.  They make such a darling conversation piece.  As a baker, I wanted to have an entire fleet of tugs and I asked Dan to make me a tug cookie cutter (yes, I have a "make your own cookie cutter kit") to my specifications.
Tah-dah!  I love them!  We tried different variations (with a window "dent" and with a window completely "cut out") and on the cuteness scale, I still can't decide which one I like better.  Most of my first batch (shown above) had just a window dent.  For the next batch I make, I'll do some of each.  Aren't they cute?  

Now I have a cookie cutter to use for the rest of my life when I am up north and in the mood to bake and entertain.  These are certainly the perfect cookies for the Land of Delight.  

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