Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Loving Lemon in London

Do you ever really know when you are making a lasting memory?  Of course, I was on my first trip to England, so just about everything was exciting.  But it is funny how this moment stands out among the other highlights.  

We had checked into our hotel, The Mayfair, and decided to try and diminish our jet lag by going on a walk around the area to get some fresh air.  It was damp and gray and I was happy for the short trench coat and scarf I had brought along.  

After wandering around for quite a while, we noticed a Marks & Spencer Simply Food on Piccadilly Road, very close to an entrance to Green Park.  We bought some yogurt and water and walked over to the park and found these chairs.

When you select chairs to sit in, an attendant comes over and charges a small rental fee.  That was okay with me - the chairs were very comfortable and it gave me a spot to savour my Lemon Curd (!) yogurt.   
I liked this yogurt so much that I took a photo of the label so that I could find it again.  

I never found it again.  Not on the trip and not back in America.  Why can't we have lemon curd yogurt?  It was light and tart and fabulous.  If you are in England, do me a favor and have one for me. 

So this is a fond memory from my first trip to England:  Sitting on striped chairs in Green Park eating Lemon Curd yogurt.

Sometimes you never know what will bring you delight.  

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