Thursday, January 24, 2013

Fairy Godmother's Gift

Look what my fairy godmother sent me!  Remember when I broke one of my beloved glass teapots?  I blogged about the crash-bam-boom that happened in my kitchen that resulted in a lot of broken glass and the loss of one of my teapots.

My dear friend, Donna, found a glass teapot before I did and mailed it to me, along with the latest issue of Tea Time magazine!  A fairy godmother indeed.  I am completely spoiled.  I brewed a pot of "Royal English Breakfast" tea by Marie Belle and relaxed for a while yesterday with my new magazine.  It has been around 10 degrees outside all week and I have been relying on cups of tea to keep me warm.  Tea and a new magazine on a snowy winter's day - this is a moment of delight.

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