Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Linda Nelson Stocks Puzzles

Not all puzzles are the same.  I love when they include a village; a patchwork of fields and hills; a lived-in house and garden to walk through.  I like to imagine myself walking around and spending time in and among the buildings.  I wouldn't chose this kind of image for myself as wall art , but as a puzzle it is exactly what I'm looking for.  

There is something about the folk art paintings of the late Linda Nelson Stocks that make a perfect puzzle in my book.  My parents first discovered her work years ago and are so dedicated to her style that they will only work on puzzles painted by Linda Nelson Stocks.  Once in a while they send a puzzle over to our house for us to enjoy when we have the time.  

I had seen this puzzle (Frog Mill Pond) being worked on at their house sometime last year.  I remember it because the box is signed, "Best Wishes, Linda Nelson."

My mom is famous for writing on things in permanent pen, most memorable is her Tupperware which says "Please return to the Queen" on the bottom.  So when I saw this autograph I assumed that my mom was joking around when she bought it for my dad.

Well the joke is on me because the artist herself signed this box!  Every once in a while my parents go on a puzzle surge and order 4 or 5 new ones online.  One of their purchases must have been from the Linda Nelson Stocks web page (now closed) because Linda Nelson signed their box as it went out in the mail.  I love it.  A signature is a simple gesture on her part, but it shows a lot of love.  

As we sit by the fire on cold January nights like this, listening to music and clicking pieces into place, we will enjoy the simple act of building a puzzle.  Have you worked on a puzzle lately?  It just might bring you a moment of delight. 

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