Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bead Show Fever

Have you ever been to a bead show?  If you have the basic jewelry making knowledge (how to string beads on a wire, secure a crimp bead and attach a clasp with a jump ring), then attending a bead show could be a really fun thing to do with a friend. 

I had never been to a bead show before my friend Corinne took me to this show in Honolulu.  Up until then I had relied completely on Michaels Craft and Joann's for my materials.  The sheer variety of colors, materials and styles is reason enough to take this field trip.  If you have a new blouse or sweater that you want to coordinate with, bring it along! Your brain will thank you, as you often need an inspiration piece to start with.

I found this terrific list of bead shows around the United States.  I know that Corinne has found one for us to attend in Michigan this Spring and I'm already looking forward to it.  I love adding color to a classic outfit with a beautiful necklace and since most jewelry shows are open to the public, we can all enhance our wardrobe with a custom necklace.

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