Friday, January 25, 2013

Decoupage Candle Making

I've found a new project that I love...decoupaging vintage images and ephemera onto religious-style pillar candles.  This one depicts my husband's great grandmother sitting jauntily for a formal portrait.  I paired the image with a pale pink receipt that says thank you in lavender and tied a cotton ribbon around the glass to add texture.  

I have the candle in my living room and I like to think that the thank you is from me to her, for sharing her image and from her to me, for bringing her into modern times.  We somehow know each other through this photo and now she has a window into our modern life.

Part of what I love about this project are the perfect (and inexpensive) white pillar candles.  They are a blank slate and each combination of image and paper gives a completely different effect.  At Christmas, I made a series of candles with copies of the same vintage Christmas card layered over old sheet music.  Each candle was a gift for our guests at Advent By Candlelight to take home.  They loved them and I heard later how they enjoyed lighting them in their own home throughout December.

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