Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Button Necklace

It is sew simple, but sew effective!  Yes, I am going through a button phase.  I made my mom a chunky necklace made of all gold buttons (the kind you find on a blazer) and it is fabulous!  She wore it to a luncheon over the holidays and caused a stir.  That is what I love about jewelry making.  I like "whipping something up" that will makes people feel beautiful.  Of course I never make more than 2 or 3 of any one design.  I can't focus long enough to really make a lot of any one thing.

This necklace has large gray and tan buttons (some stacked) that are held together by a new favorite thing, DMC Memory Thread. I'm sure it is fabulous in needlework, but I put it to use making jewelry!  It is beautiful fiber-wrapped copper wire that adds stability for when you, say, want to "stitch" buttons together.  After connecting the buttons, I clipped off the excess memory wire, twisted the end back onto itself and tucked it under another wire in back.  Then I was able to attach a connecting loop to the wire and attach the grey chain from there.  I love it! 

Have you ever made jewelry from buttons?


kerkatrob said...

I ADORE this necklace!! I would love it if you made these for your etsy store (HINT HINT)!!!!! :)

Anne Reeves said...

Thanks, Kerry! I am in a whirl of "making!" right now. There will be button items on etsy soon for sure!