Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fruit Slices - I Love Lemon

The forward of my book, Finding Delight, includes the statement: "I believe that the best life is a varied life.  When hobbies and travel collide with friendship and collecting.  Where sugar rules and stories matter."

Where sugar rules, Anne?  Really?  Yes.
I love sweets.  And I like sharing them with my friends and family.  I want to go out for cupcakes.  I want to make cookies when a friend is coming over for tea.  I have wonderful memories associated with candy and I want to be reminded of them as often as possible.  

My maternal grandmother, Anne, loved fruit slices.  I spent most of my time with her during summer days at her cottage up north. On the glorious days that it was just the two of us, we always ate candy.  Her two favorites were Sanders Dark Honeycomb Chips and Fruit Slices.  

If you clicked on the fruit slices link, you'll see them as I remember them. A white tray with 16 slices on it - four each of cherry, lemon, orange and lime.  There weren't very many slices and I remember that when the occasion called for candy, we only ate one.  It was special and we savored every chewy bite.  

I am nothing if not sentimental, so it shouldn't surprise you that two of my favorite candies are dark chocolate honeycomb chips and lemon fruit slices.  But times have changed, things are more plentiful now and I can actually buy fruit slices (just my favorite, lemon!) in a bulk box at my local grocery store.  I know Nama wouldn't believe it if she saw what I had access to.  

I try and show restraint; I don't always have them on hand.  But on Sunday afternoon as I passed by the candy aisle, this box of sugar made its way into my cart.  I eat them with abandon while they last and think of my grandmother every time.  Yes, my friends, sugar is a powerful memory maker and I wouldn't have it any other way.  

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