Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Glass Teapot Collection

My glass teapot "collection" has been reduced by one this week.  I had it on the shelf below the melange of Tupperware containers and when things got a little top-heavy, everything seemed to fall out of the cabinet at once.  I know you've been in my shoes.  Things happen and glass breaks.   

I am hoping that I can find another glass teapot at Homegoods. It was a few years ago, I found this teapot there for only $11.  You see, I like to give each person their own teapot when they come to my house.  At book club last month, the four of us sat around the table eating cookies and drinking tea, each with a different type brewing.  It is an easy way to make people feel special, so I've got to find another! The hunt begins!

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