Friday, January 4, 2013

Hawaiian Sea Salt

There's nothing like a little Hawaiian sea salt to kick up the flavor of a dish.  I keep a teardrop-shaped dish of Kamaaina fine grain sea salt at the ready on my stove top.  I think it looks pretty and I love using the little scoop.

You'll remember that I spent the month of January as a guest at my friend's house in Honolulu last year.  It was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be with friends and share the day-to-day of life in Hawaii.  I loved it.  We grilled fish on the patio.  Went to farmer's markets.  And my camera was always at my side. You can look back at my trip by clicking "Honolulu" and "Hawaii" in the City Series in the sidebar of my blog.

One of the great souvenirs from my trip was buying interesting salts from Hawaii.  Some were spiced blends including Kona coffee grounds (great on pork!) and others I am still experimenting with.  Remember when you travel that sometimes a culinary souvenir can bring back the flavors of your trip. Aloha! 

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