Thursday, June 2, 2016

Are We Near Phinney Ridge? A La Mode Pie

Seattle is huge! Neighborhood after neighborhood, with hills and parks and lakes at every turn. I have never been good with directions and I thank heaven every day for Google Maps on my iPhone. 

When Dan and I are out driving around town, I am known for shouting out, "Are we near Phinney Ridge?" at odd times throughout our day. The reason? The best pie I have ever had. Seattle roads twist and turn and though distinctive, I haven't quite pinned down in my mind WHERE the neighborhood Phinney Ridge is. So whenever we seem remotely close, I ask. Because I need pie. Specifically,
Bourbon Butterscotch at A La Mode Pies

I am happy to report that one day a few weeks ago, he said "Yes, we are!" and we had pie for no reason in the middle of a Sunday. It was wonderful.

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