Friday, June 10, 2016

Bridal Shower Luncheon

Was this a magazine shoot for Modern Bride? No, this was the glorious table set by my Aunt Carol. My cousin, Chris is getting married and I was so very happy to be in Michigan and able to attend the bridal shower. The table looked so pretty I had to take a picture.

For me, this is the epitome of a bridal luncheon. Hosted in a home, with flowers on each table, a delicious chicken salad, fresh fruit, homemade scones and punch. Magnifique!

The ladies at my table had so much fun reminiscing about their own weddings, hearing about the bride's plans and looking forward to this summer wedding.  
Sometimes you need to dedicate an afternoon to being a girl and enjoying the rituals of matrimony. We admired the beautiful gift wrap, oohed and ahhed over the presents and joked about how much fun it would be to register again. 

A happy day celebrating the happy couple. I loved it. 


mackyton said...

Bridal Shower Luncheon! Truly looks amazing. My sister in law tied the knot at some local New York wedding venues and my sister threw a surprise bridal shower dinner for her. Both are best friends and it made their friendship even stronger.

Anne Reeves said...

I'm sure it did! A bridal shower is always so fun. I like when everyone shares cooking tips and mentions favorite items from THEIR shower years ago.