Monday, June 13, 2016

Drinks in the Garden with St Germain

When I found my latest treasure in an antique store (that is porbably not an antique at all), I had never heard of a liquor called St-Germain. I have since learned that it is delicious elixor made of elder flowers. I responded to this tall glass carafe (designed to mix drinks in following the markings on the side) because of my first trip to Paris with Dan.

In 1996, my dad pointed out an advertisement he saw in the newspaper for a Valentine's Day promotion. If you could turn on a dime, Delta was offering round trip airplane tickets to Paris for $199 each, as long as they were booked within the next 2 weeks. We were going to Paris!

I clicked around Delta's website and booked a room at the hotel, The Abbatial St. Germain on the left bank. We had a wonderful time, despite the cold of February and I said "Abbatial St.Germain" far too many times in the coming weeks just for fun.

So when I saw a beautiful glass carafe marked St. Germain, I was sold. It was $12 and would make a gorgeous and unusual vase. Yep, I saw it and imagined an arrangement like this, but that's just me.

What's your favorite unusual vase?

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