Sunday, June 19, 2016

Flower Arranging: When Dessert is Edible Flowers

Tah-dah! This is what happens when I find edible flowers at the farmers market! I make impromptu cupcakes, just to have somewhere to showcase them!

I was at the West Seattle farmers market on Sunday and I was drawn to a bag of fresh mixed greens that had edible flowers among them. I had never seen someone sell them that way and I was hoping to find more flowers in her stand. I was right. She had bags of edible flower blossoms, by color! 

When she started to get some out for me, she asked how many I needed and of what color? Oh, I don't know, 10? A few of each? I am probably just going to amuse myself by making cupcakes and sticking one on each. She seemed to love that, so I gave her my card so that she could look up the blog and see her flowers in action.

My mistake? I didn't get her card to be able to point people back to her stand to buy edible flowers. Honey, if you see this, message me here or at and I'll give your farm stand proper credit.

And, THANK YOU! They were delicious!

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