Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hostess Gifts

Want a great idea for a hostess gift this season? Make a collection of match boxes. A wonderful and simple craft, you can make a darling set for under $5. All you need is matches, Sobo glue, pretty scrapbook paper and some 3-dimensional trims. When choosing papers, stick to three colors, but vary the scale to add interest (I even added a map of Paris). Cut a rectangle of paper slightly larger than the matchbox. Brush glue onto 3 sides of box and carefully cover with paper. When dry, trim away excess paper. Highlight a few of the match boxes with a button or paper butterfly on top. Voila! You have a lovely one-of-a-kind gift. Present them to your hostess on a square black paper plate (cover with clear saran wrap to keep them secure) or make two stacks and slide them into a clear gift bag tied shut with a ribbon. If you make a few sets now, you'll be ready when party season hits.


MmeBenaut said...

Wow woman, is there no end to your talents? I guess you use the big boxes of matches, yes?

Anne Reeves said...

Oh I'm so glad you like them! Actually, they are made from small match boxes (about 2 inches x 1 inch)- you can usually buy them in packs of 8 boxes for around $1 US. Thanks for the enthusiasm for my work!