Monday, October 6, 2008

Indian Corn

A simple bundle of Indian corn can look so pretty tied to the front door in the Fall. I think it's a nice touch before the "ghost & goblins" of Halloween take over. There are so many beautiful varieties of Indian corn - I thought you'd like to see a poster of the "Indian Corns of America" here.

Once I was lucky enough to find a wreath made of Indian corn at the farmer's market. So cute! Until I stored it in the garage and a pint-sized friend ate every kernel over the winter. Alas, some things aren't meant to last.


MmeBenaut said...

Pint sized friend! Hee hee. I bet he/she enjoyed the winter. I've never seen red corn before, we don't have it here. It is certainly very striking and I can imagine a wreath would be quite gorgeous.

Anne Reeves said...

Ohhh, indian corn is wonderful. I am glad I could show you. It really says "Fall" here in America.