Thursday, October 16, 2008

Driving Crazy

Ahhh...Nothing says fun like a whirlwind monument tour. My dear friend, Corinne, came along on my trip to Maryland and we stole a few hours in Washington, D.C. while we were there. She drove, while I hung out the car window capturing our trip for posterity. Little did I know that D.C. stands for "driving crazy" and that the honking was for us! I was so absorbed in composing each shot, that I didn't realize that Corinne was slowing way down to aid in the photographs. What a friend! This is our beautiful White House (it's very fun to plug "1600 Pennsylvania Avenue" into Garmin, by the way). Don't miss the Washington Monument peeking over the trees on the left. And did you know that every Christmas, the chef makes a gingerbread replica of The White House? Love it!


MmeBenaut said...

How rude of those motorists to honk you! I love the photo though!

Anne Reeves said...

Oh, I'm sure it was deserved. But we didn't mind - we got the shot! Did you see the link with the gingerbread white house? So cute!