Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sunlit Sink

I like to have a little container of flowers by the kitchen sink. It might seem frivolous, but I spend a lot of time there! Also, the kitchen sink is a magnet for guests, so I want it to look nice.

My mom found this darling blue & white piece (I think it is a covered sugar from a child's tea set) for just this purpose. I snipped a rose, salvia (look how it is in focus) and ginger mint from the garden and voila! It looked so pretty with the sun streaming in on it.

Now that Fall is here, I am going to rely on the supermarket for a fresh flower now and then. A girl's gotta have color, right?


MmeBenaut said...

Absolutely! I've been so focussed on Louvre shots that I've only shown a few of my spring flowers. Must do something about that.
The little vase and lid is very cute. I cut long stems of hot pink pelargoniums and white arum lillies and put them together today. I have loads of hot pink things in the garden. My Pierre de Ronsard roses are just opening up too, cascades of them and the rose arch is bursting into flower. I need to buy some more salvia though, my existing plants haven't recovered from winter this year, usually they regrow.

Anne Reeves said...

Sounds beautiful! Lucky you, to be heading into Spring/Summer! Enjoy...