Thursday, October 2, 2008


In honor of school being in full swing, I wanted to show you a simple wall decoration that literally made me gasp. When I was in Chicago with my neighbor, Phyllis (and her Garden Club girls), her sister Maggie took us to a favorite Sunday morning breakfast spot called Flo's. As we made our way through the crowd to our table, we passed this amazing pencil display on the wall. I stopped in my tracks (paying no mind to the waiters and coat racks and patrons, oh my) and took this photograph. It was so simple, but so interesting I had to capture it.

Once we were settled, I was encouraged to order the egg sandwich (scrambled eggs, roasted red peppers and spinach basil dressing on brioche). When it arrived, it was so delicious I had a hard time keeping up my end of the conversation as I devoured my breakfast. Yum. What's your favorite breakfast spot?

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