Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Family Tree

This is my maternal grandmother as a little girl. Oh, to wear big hair bows! In those days a photograph was so precious - she must have been thrilled to have hers taken.

I was named Anne after her and we spent hours and hours together at her cottage in Leland each Summer. She had an enormous garden (with delphinium and foxglove spikes taller than me!) and we would eat egg salad sandwiches on a metal table & chairs out by the garden.

I think she would like that each year I make a "family tree" for Christmas. Handmade ornaments made with vintage photographs (reproduced on fabric), sweet calico and a little pink glitter.


LillyB said...

What a fabulous idea! What are you using for the frame? I would love to try that idea one Christmas!!

LillyB said...

Well after REREADING I see you are handmaking the ornaments (sorry I am a little disoriented today) It still sounds like a wonderful idea. I am not familiar with transferring photographs to material but I can always learn!! Post a picture when you get a chance!! Love your blog! Have a great day!!

Katie said...

Anne- I really like that idea for a tree! One day, when my kids are older and don't pull all of the ornaments off the tree, I will have to remember this family tree. I could put all their baby, kid pictures and family pictures. That would be really neat!!

Anne Reeves said...

Hi LillyB - I'll try to come up with some instructions.
Hi Katie - that childhood tree sounds darling! My family tree is on a tabletop, so it would be out of reach of children. You might not have to wait if you put it on a table!