Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Cards

One year I received a Christmas card depicting a horse-drawn sleigh carrying a young couple home with a fresh Christmas tree. I loved the image and wanted to preserve it some how. So I thought, why not make it a Christmas ornament?

I collected some newspaper (the movie guide), olive green ribbon (a scrap), a button, silver glitter, pinking shears and a bottle of craft glue. A few minutes later - voila!

Inspiration is everywhere - this time it was in my mailbox!


LillyB said...

This is great!! I have always felt guilty about throwing away cards and I have so many of them! I thought about making a scrapbook one day to hold them all. This is really a great idea! Were you born talented or just wake up one day with it?LOL Have a blessed day!

Nancy said...

LillyB, Anne was born talented! She makes every holiday a true delight with her fabulous ideas and fun, new ways of looking at things!

Anne, your ideas make me say, "Oooooh! I wish I'd thought of that!"