Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Reindeer Games

I was having people over for the holidays and decided to serve my ginger cakes as a sweet treat. The last time I baked them, a friend pulled me aside in the kitchen and confessed that she'd eaten four! That was all I needed to hear.

In the back of my mind, I remembered seeing a really cute white cupcake topped with a plastic reindeer in a magazine (Country Living, Dec 2008). So when I stopped at the cake decorating store to pick up some mini-cupcake liners, I asked the salesgirl, "Do you have any realistic plastic deer?"

She thought about it, hesitated, then walked over to a cluttered shelf. "Well...we have these," she said as if there was no way that they had what I wanted. It was the exact reindeer from the magazine and was the best $2 I've ever spent. They took my box mix cupcakes to a whole new level, and became an unexpected party favor - no one wanted to leave without their reindeer! I tell you, delight is everywhere.


LillyB said...

These are too cute! Isn't it great when an idea comes to life! (even if it wasn't our idea!) They look delicious!

Anne Reeves said...

They caused quite a buzz, for sure. I simply love how they look! Have a great week, Anne

MmeBenaut said...

So cute!

Kimmers said...

It's true. I took a little plate of goodies home from the party and when my four-year-old saw it the next morning, he yelled dibs on the treat with the reindeer on top!