Monday, August 24, 2009

St.Therese of Lisieux

This week I was able to make a dear friend very happy.

When I was in Paris, I shopped the Vanves flea market looking for something honoring "Saint Therese of Lisieux."

My friend, Nancy, has written a darling book about a fifth-grade girl who finds companionship and comfort by following St. Therese and her Little Way. Nancy loves writing Catholic fiction for kids and I really wanted to bring her something from France that she would cherish.

I found the perfect thing! A religious metal depicting Saint Therese that Nancy could wear on a necklace. I had the good sense to photograph the exact place I found it. So when we met for coffee, I was able to give her the metal, along with the photograph above inscribed "Vanves flea market, Paris, May 9, 2009."

She was thrilled and writes all about it in her blog

Now it's my turn to say, "Mission accomplished."


Nancy Carabio Belanger said...

I am wearing it right now, Anne! In fact, I have barely taken it off. Thank you for writing about my book, "Olivia and the Little Way", and my precious gift from France. Actually seeing where the medal came from is so cool; I never would have thought to snap that picture!

Anne Reeves said...

My pleasure, Nancy. Enjoy enjoy enjoy.