Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I have been loading my calendar with stickers for years. I always get the double-page Monthly At-A-Glance calendar - that way I have plenty of room for fun. I put "birthday candle" stickers to denote some one's birthday, "teacup" stickers when I am meeting someone for coffee and travel stickers when I have a big trip planned. My close friends know this and often kid me when we make plans, "Do you have a sticker for that?"

When Angie came to take me to the airport for our trip to Maine, she arrived with some darling stickers by Jolee's of seagulls, lighthouses and suitcases. The first thing out of her mouth? "Please tell me that you retro-stick!" and I knew exactly what she meant.

The minute I got home, I went back and decorated the third week of September. Thanks, Angie!


Angie said...

So glad we understand each other!

LillyB said...

What a fun idea!!And a visual reminder at a glance as well!!