Thursday, March 18, 2010

Easter Candy

When I was growing up, my grandmother kept a lidded glass dish on her sideboard. When we dropped in for a visit, we would always find it filled with Hershey kisses.

Around Easter, she filled it with their pastel foiled-wrapped chocolate eggs. I always left with a pocketful of foil wrappings and as an adult, I realize (with so many of us dropping in) she must have refilled that dish daily!

I have my own little candy dish on the piano in the living room. I keep it filled with peanut M&Ms and it was only recently that I realized my nieces & nephews enter & exit the kitchen via the dining room door. It is the most direct route to the candy, you see.

When I saw this display, I decided to go a little overboard. Today I am going to fill an apothecary jar with Easter goodies. If I don't, who will?


MmeBenaut said...

Ah, perhaps their parents? Clearly they rely on their Auntie Ann for these treats though and you are a very generous and sweet woman. I'd like to visit that jar myself!

Elaine said...

So very colorful! I have fond memories of visiting my grandparents and my grandpa would give us hershey kisses from a glass container that was in the china cabinet in the dining room. My grandma would scold him because she said it would ruin our dinner.

It never did.

Anne Reeves said...

I love the "oh my gosh" look of a jar full of candy. And I find the adults digging in as much as the kids! Who can wait for the Easter bunny?

LillyB said...

Great memory!! Mine did too!!