Saturday, August 28, 2010

Knot Hard

It has been a while since I have shown you a jewelry project. This one is au courant in that it replicates the "hand-tied silk cord" and shell-tones of so many popular necklaces right now.

The cord is Omega nylon crochet thread in Beige and the flat acrylic beads are Blue Moon (JAS Strand 14" Bd Acr Flt Ovl) in Smoke.

I tied a knot in the cord, added a small clear bead, slide on the smokey stone, added another small clear bead and then tied the finishing knot. Then you move down the cord an inch and do it again.

The knots and small beads above and below make the stones appear to float and sets off the pretty "silk" cord. Tie the two ends together at the neck with a strong knot (and secure with crimp beads on either side if you want) and you are finished!

What I love best is that this cord/stone combination morphs into looking like the color of cement or taupe stone or a pale pink gems depending on the t-shirt and sweater it is worn with.

Trust me, it is knot hard to make.

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