Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Saving Summer

First of all, how can they expect me to let go of Summer and embrace Fall when I am still making bouquets like this?! Unimaginable.

I am making and photographing arrangements like this every day and it makes my heart sing. A photograph like this is my little attempt at saving Summer.

So although Labor Day is upon us, you might see me wearing white, carrying a Summer purse and talking about S'mores.
I just can't let Summer go, not when my garden looks like this!

I love school supplies, plaid and harvest dinners as much as the next girl, but I need more time! Thank you.


Marilyn said...

The Lantana is a perfect companion to the roses. My neighbor has one that is HUGE...I didn't know they could do that in one season, so I'll have to watch mine and see if it can be coaxed to live through the Memphis winter.

Elaine said...


Anne Reeves said...

Marilyn - mine is very large and growing in a pot on the patio! Love Lantana.

I'm glad you are with me, Elaine!