Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Jam Jars

Since I have had my own "imaginary magazine" for a while now (the very real issue covers are on my DELIGHT totes), I started thinking about what my jam labels would look like if I had a jam company. (I know, crazy, right?)

You see, for years I have been taking the labels off of jam jars so that I could paint the jars with cute designs. It made me want to put a label on.

I decided that an ANA label would have a gorgeous photo (from my book cover), my Passed As Super Cute logo and lots of pink and orange. The "flavor" is Pineapple Sage.

What do you think?
A customer bought a bunch of my painted jam jars and then one jar like this labelled "Delight." She said she had to have one because, "It's so you!"
Her statement surprised me, and then I realized that when you have a blog, people really can surmise what is "me." How cool.

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