Monday, August 23, 2010

Woodward Dream Cruise

This last Saturday was the 2010 "Woodward Dream Cruise" - the world's largest one day automotive event which typically draws 1.2 million people to the area.

You see, I live in "car country" and for the last week, strangers became friends as they shared their love of the automobile. This is the week that people state the make, model and year long before they bother to give their name. First things first.

The gist of the event (now in its 16th year) is cruising Woodward Avenue (America's first road paved with concrete in 1909!) and showing off your car. Spectators set up tents, bar-b-ques, lawn chairs and watch the spontaneous parade. The two inside lanes are for spectators who also want to "cruise" and see the cars up close. The two outside lanes are for the show cars, to give the roadside spectators a good view.

Another aspect of the Dream Cruise is walking the event and admiring entire parking lots devoted to one type of car. The car club members are very organized and all park their showpieces (rare, vintage, classic) in one area so that if you love, let's say Mustangs, you can view a lot of them all at once. And it puts like-minded collectors all together "speaking the same language." If you want to see a Model-A, you head to another area. Very cool.

Now on top of all this is the food, music, and people. When you drive down Woodward Avenue during the Dream Cruise, you drive slow. Which gives the spectators a chance to talk to the drivers, ask a questions, give a thumbs up. I found myself leaning out the window, smiling and commenting like the rest of the crowd. It was really fun.

If you have a car enthusiest in your family, tell them about the Woodward Dream Cruise (always the third Saturday in August) - one visit and they will be hooked!

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