Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Visiting England: Emma Bridgewater

Do you know Emma Bridgewater? I mean the pottery, that is. I have loved this company for years and have wanted to start my own collection of "Black Toast" (shown above on the teapot and covered sugar) for ages.

As we mapped out our trip to England, I didn't know if we would have time to go any further north than our visit to David Austin English Roses in Albrighton.

The Emma Bridgewater Factory & Shop in Stoke-on-Trent is almost an hour's drive north of our rose destination and I didn't want to be disappointed if we ran out of travel time, so I didn't "officially" include it in our itinerary.

But after spending an entire day outdoors photographing roses, a car ride and some shopping sounded great. I'm so glad that we made the effort!

Now that I've been to Emma Bridgewater, I can't imagine my trip without it! I bought all sorts of treasures and loved it so much. I'll tell you more tomorrow, for now I want to show you my tea service and cake that I ate in the on-site cafe.

I couldn't get over how much I enjoyed having tea IN Emma Bridgewater AT Emma Bridgewater. Get it?


Elaine Lloye said...

I too went as a birthday treat to Emma Bridgewater at Stoke with my daughter Rebecca. We loved having our lunch served in EB pottery in the cafe there too - such a lovely touch. So pleased you came all this way and managed to pay EB a visit.
Happy collecting

Anne Reeves said...

I loved it! I was in the area visiting the David Austin rose gardens and was able to arrive at EB at teatime! Loved it! Thanks for writing, Elaine