Saturday, January 22, 2011

Baby Goats

Can we all say "Awwwwwww" together?  Look at this darling baby goat smiling for the camera. 

When my friend's young niece and nephew were in town visiting, she decided to host a farm party to celebrate.  She found a service that was a little like a "mobile petting zoo"- a few goats, some chickens, an angora rabbit and a donkey all showed up on cue to be adored.

Look closely at the mouth of this baby goat;  I tell you he is smiling!  Want to see more baby goats?  Follow my friends, Josh and Brent (aka The Fabulous Beekman Boys on Planet Green) and see how their life (and business) as accidental goat farmers results in love, laughter, soap and cheese.

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