Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Good Friends

I have been spoiled by some great conversations lately.  With the holidays behind us, my friends and I are less "crazy busy" and are finding it much easier to chat. 

I had a long talk with one of my friends about how social media can play a part in the book business.

I shared an appetizer of roasted artichokes with another dear friend as we talked about all the fun things we wanted to do together.

And I was on the phone the other day when an old friend said, "I can hear the difference in your voice," after I had explained how some things I had been worrying about had suddenly gotten much better.

We all need to talk and we all need to be heard.  Whether the topics are big or small, remember to carve out some time to catch up with your girlfriends.  The smallest comment or word of encouragement can mean the world. 


Janice said...

Thank you, Anne for this reminder. No matter how close we are to our spouse.... no matter how much time we spend with him....absolutely nothing takes the place of captured moments between a woman and her girlfriends. This slower and quieter time of the year is a wonderful season to make a point of effecting a concerted effort to reach out and touch our special friends. Even if we may not feel the need, we never know whether that gesture may be a pivotol moment in the life of another. And, it will probably be just what we need also. :-) Namaste. Janice

Anne Reeves said...

Oh, Janice, I'm glad you wrote! Yes, all of these thoughts really struck me this week and I wanted to share. The "hearing it in my voice" part really got me when she said it. xo A