Saturday, January 29, 2011

Luster Ornaments

Tea anyone? 

I love this set of tea-inspired ornaments so much (Martha Stewart for Kmart, circa 2006?) that I am ignoring the fact that they are for "Christmas" and am putting them on display in my kitchen.

They are "brand new" to me - a gift from my mom.  She & I used to make a pilgrimage to Kmart the moment we thought that the new Martha Stewart for Kmart ornaments would be on the shelf.  She bought this set and now that I am beginning a collection of full-size pink luster teacups, she thought that I would love a reminder of them on my tree.  So true!

I think they look fabulous against the aqua stripe wallpaper.  They have a "luster-like" coating to them and they are a wonderful reminder of my favorite Winter ritual, having a cup of tea in the afternoon.  Are you with me?


Elaine said...

I am with you, Anne! I so miss Martha's Christmas at Kmart. The luster teacups are beautiful and are too pretty to keep packed away just for Christmas.

Anne Reeves said...

I got so many wonderful Martha ornaments over the years. They hit a "sweet spot" of cute a few years back, that's for sure. Thanks, Elaine!