Friday, January 14, 2011

Merry Go Round

I am doing my best to make you fall in love with everything that I love.  I am trying to show you things that will peak your interest and maybe even prompt you to act (see link).

Today's moment of delight centers around simple paper structures.  Do you like my little carousel?  I bought it at a newspaper stand in Paris (more than ten years ago!) and just had the courage to "punch out all the bits" and make it stand on its own today. 

You see, these delights come with an envelope and are sold as mailable art.  Since it starts out flat and requires a little bending and a lot of slots and tabs to make it 3-dimensional, I was afraid that one wrong move would prevent it from standing up.  I was dumb dumb dumb to wait so long.  This charming merry-go-round went together without a hitch and I love it! 

I think I will keep it on our piano and let the actual music imply that it is coming out of this paper treasure.  Now do you want to ride the pony or the camel?


Elaine said...

I'm so glad that you did put it together - I am sure you wouldn't get the stop effect when it is flat. So pretty and whimsical!

Anne Reeves said...

Yes, it was only a shadow of itself. Love it!