Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Orchid Stands

I'd like to shake the hand of the person who decided that orchids should be sold at "pop up" roadside stands in south Florida.

At least 150 Phalaenopsis orchids (the easiest to care for!) were waving in the the breeze trying to catch our attention the other day. They looked so beautiful on display and since they were priced at 3 for $25, we couldn't resist.

I love this type of orchid - each bloom will last for at least a month, so try to choose a plant that has a few tight green (not yellow - they will fall off unopened) buds at the end of the stalk. They will develop slowly and keep your plant as pretty as the day you bought it.

The trick to successful orchid care is the watering - set 3 ice cubes on the moss once a week and allow them to melt. Voila!

So if you see a glorious display of flowers for sale by the side of the road, pull over and take a look. Just don't stand too close to the curb when you are browsing...it's hard for drivers to keep their eye on the road!


Elaine said...

How could you NOT stop and buy one of these beauties?! I love that about Florida - they have so many wonderful 'pop-up' stands.

Anne Reeves said...

It was a wonderful day, for sure!