Thursday, January 6, 2011

Player Pianos

Can you hear the music?  My friend had Auld Lang Syne playing on her antique player piano on New Year's Eve.  So nostalgic!  Look closely and you can see that a white key is being played...this is an action shot!

When my friend Kim and her husband bought their house, the previous owners offered to leave this Story & Clark player piano in the basement.  It didn't play, mind you, but my friends could see the potential. 

When the time was right, they found an expert in player piano restoration (a blind man with an incredible ear for music) and the piano was taken off site for a complete overhaul. 

Voila!  This historic piano plays like a dream now and based on the serial number we think it is from between 1924-1931.  It came with a large selection of music (paper rolls with a pattern of holes that triggers the keys) with dreamy names like "Midnight Waltz", "1924 Rose Marie Fox Trot" and "Oh Boy, What A Girl!" 

Kim's basement holds a time capsule of romance.  Is your dance card full?


Kimmers said...

I love it! You make everything even more wonderful than I already thought it was.

LillyB said...

Pretty and cool!!

Elaine said...

What a lovely treasure.