Saturday, February 5, 2011

12 Days of Valentine's Day: Heart Collection

I'm a sucker for heart-shaped things, so I positively swooned when I saw this private collection of stones that look like hearts.  No carving allowed, these have all been found along the Atlantic coast during the lifetime of the collector.  Neat, huh?

To me, these stones represent a lifetime of love.

Do you have a collection of heart-shaped things?  Heart necklaces?  Heart-shaped pillows?  My biggest collection of hearts is an assortment of pans made for Valentine's Day baking.  Every year I seem to acquire a few new items - I know I will have a lot of heart-shaped foods this Valentine season.
  • Heart-shaped pans - large and small
  • Heart-shaped cookies on a stick pan
  • Heart-shaped cookie cutters - too many to count!
  • Heart-shaped silicone muffin cups   
Day 3: Locate the heart-shaped items in your house and put them to good use.  No heart-shaped pans in your cupboard?  Maybe this is the year...


Elaine said...

What a great rock collection! I guess I didn't realize it, but I do have a heart collection going on. I have all different shapes and sizes of heart cookie cutters and baking pans. I have quite a few heart-shaped candy dishes and I do have some heart-shaped rocks that I have found over the years. I keep all found rocks and shells, pine cones, feathers - little treasures found on outings.

Anne Reeves said...

How wonderful, Elaine! Love that you collect the little bits you find in nature. And have fun with all those pans!