Thursday, February 10, 2011

12 Days of Valentine's Day: Paper Clay

Be still my heart!  Would you believe that I made this gorgeous heart by pressing Delight paper clay (I'm serious, it is called Delight!) into a mold from House on the Hill?

This project was the brain-child of my Mom's and we used her mold and clay to make 4 perfect hearts to hang from a ribbon.  They look like plaster, but they are light-weight paintable hearts made of paper clay.  It is so easy and so neat!  Happy Day 8.

Day 8: I want to inspire you to do some crafting...whatever you are comfortable with.  Cut out tissue paper hearts to scatter on the table.  Stick Valentine's stickers on plain white napkins.  Enjoy!


Janice said...

I'm curious if you will paint this in any way and how you are going to use it. :-) Janice

Anne Reeves said...

Hi Janice. My mom wants to paint hers to look like a wooden plaque. I think I am going to leave mine white and hang it buy a piece of ribbon. Still can't decide where I will hang it, which will determine the ribbon color. Stay tuned! :-)

Janice said...

Either way sounds nice. I had never heard of paper clay before and find it fascinating. You have so many wonderful ideas! Thank you. :) Janice