Sunday, February 13, 2011

12 Days of Valentine's Day: Sprinkles

Is your cupboard full of pink sprinkles?  You can easily find pink sugar, white jimmies and red hot hearts at the grocery store right now.  I love to enhance just about everything (pancakes, yogurt, scones) with a tough of pink or red.   

In a pinch?  You can buy heart-shaped cookies at the grocery store, then frost and add sprinkles yourself.  I buy most of my decorations at a cake & candy supply store - a great value and so fun to visit in person! 

I took this photograph (a jar of hearts!) at a cupcake shop in England called Lola.  Not only was the display brilliant, but I could see one red heart in a sea of pink.  Happy Day 11!

Day 11:  Add whimsy to life with a little pink sugar.  Come on, you know you want to.

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