Friday, February 18, 2011

Gelato Grotto

If someone ever suggests a trip to Gelato Grotto, say "Yes!"

We spent a hot and sunny afternoon walking around Palm Beach and then treated ourselves to a triple serving!  After careful consideration (and tiny tastes), I chose three light as air flavors: pineapple, dark chocolate and pistachio.  I also talked the girl into giving me a tuft of coconut gelato on top.

My-oh-my, I loved it!  Made fresh daily, gelato is a frozen Italian dessert - cold and creamy, but with far less fat than traditional ice cream. Buona notte


Patricia said...

Oh my goodnes, I LOVE Icecream and Gelato is just wonderful (I´ve been to Italy).

I can just emagine the problem to chose just 2 ore 3 flavours .. =)

Here in Sweden it´s winter and very cold, to day we have about minus 18C (about -2 fahrenheit).

Have a nice weekend!
Love Patricia

Anne Reeves said...

Hi Patricia! So nice to hear from you. Winter is in "full blast" where I live too! I have escaped the cold and gone south to Florida for a few days. I am hoping to try more gelatto flavors tomorrow! Have a great weekend too! Anne