Tuesday, February 8, 2011

12 Days of Valentine's Day: Vintage Valentines

Today is the day you will need to dedicate to buying/addressing/mailing your Valentines in order for them to arrive on time.  Yes, this paper message is still so very important and it makes me want to say a few words about this modern life.  

I blog, but I have kept every letter my cousin sent me as a child.
I tweet, but I also love to talk on the phone with my friends.
I love Facebook, but it can never replace eye contact.

I am sentimental and I think it's important that we have things to keep.  Letters, ribbons, cards, notes.  Something with handwriting on it. 

Valentine postcards were very popular at the turn of the century - this is a treasure sent to my maternal grandmother in 1910.  It says "From cousin Anna" on the back and we've kept it for 101 years. 

Send your love on a Valentine and it could last 100 years.

Day 6: Send a real Valentine to someone who would love it.

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