Thursday, February 24, 2011

MacKenzie Childs

Have you ever worn a lampshade on your head?  Me neither, but this fellow seems to wear it well!  His hands are gold, his pocket square is a napkin and he's wearing pottery shard pants!

The whole look is "martini meets masonry", don't you think?

MacKenzie Childs is a fabulous company centering around hand-painted pottery and glassware, often rimmed in a black checkboard motif.  The latest design trend from MacKenzie Childs is offering items covered in pottery shards from the design studio. As quirky as they are, the color, texture and whimsy "works" and some spectacular pieces have been available lately. 

If you missed seeing the "Grand Shard Tree" (which I think was on display in the New York City store at Christmastime), you can see it here.

In honor of the new shard pieces, the Palm Beach store is featuring shard pants to get our attention.  It worked!

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