Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Perfect Scarf Knot

I have a long-lasting gift to give you...instructions for the perfect scarf knot.  It looks sophisticated.  It looks complicated.  It is all you need on a solid-colored outfit to add "Umph."  It is a conversation piece all its own and I guarantee people will admire it and ask you how you did it.

The best part?  It starts with a basic knot (that many of us already rely on) that is popular in Europe.

Picture 1: Making the Classic Knot
Fold your scarf in half - you'll have one folded end and two loose tails.
Drape the scarf around your neck with the folded end (loop) on the left and the loose tails on the right.  Take your right hand and send both loose tails through the loop in the fold.  Adjust and allow to drape.

Now for the simple variation that creates this beautiful knot...

Picture 2: Weaving
Notice that when you look "above where the tails were fed through the loop", there are two sides to the loop.  You are going to weave over and under these sides.  Pull one of the loose tails back out of the loop and instead weave it under the first side (up by your neck) and over the second side.  You're done.

Knots are notoriously hard to explain in words.  Look at Picture 2 and see that the two tails coming down from the shoulder on the right are taking opposite "over/under" paths to drape.  Seeing that should help you recognize what you are doing.

It sounds daunting, but I promise this is an easy path to cuteness.

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