Thursday, April 14, 2011

Collecting Sea Glass

My dear friend has moved to an oceanfront cottage in Hawaii.  Sounds dreamy, doesn't it?  But moving is moving, regardless of how glamorous the destination, so (in addition to planning a trip to see her!) I have been trying to think of things to help her adjust to her new beach-y lifestyle. 

I think my best idea is that she could start a collection of "found objects" that wash ashore.  I tore out this article from Coastal Living magazine to mail to her and hope she before long she can make a tabletop display of sea glass, driftwood and other treasures that she finds on beach walks.

All of this talk of sea glass reminded me of a darling shop I visited on Little Cranberry Island (Islesford) in Maine.  It's called "Island Girl Sea Glass" and when I did a Google search to provide a link, I see that Travel & Leisure magazine has found her too!  I met island girl, Kelly, when I was touring the island and found the weathered look of her shop (above) to be irresistible.  Do you love sea glass?


Elaine said...

Yes! I collect it when I got to the beach, along with rocks, shells, small driftwood, etc. I love the beachy cottage style.

Anne Reeves said...

Me too! I love treasures from the shore...