Monday, April 4, 2011

Puzzle Material

Some might say that this would make a great puzzle!  Personally, I don't think my eyes do it!  I photographed this veritable "Where's Waldo" of ornithology last month when I was in Florida.  Can you see the birds in the waves? 

I didn't see any natural predators, but these birds certainly have the perfect camoflage for feeding along the coast.  Their deep pink legs disappeared into the froth every time a wave came on shore and I kept having to wait for the water to recede to know where to aim my camera. They were that hard to see!I just downloaded a free iPhone app to identify birds (iBird Lite) so I can tell you with confidence that this is a group of White Ibis

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Elaine said...

I just love iBird. It is such a handy app.