Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spring Waterfall

I'll get to enjoy "Spring" three times this year!  When we were in Washington two weeks ago, all of the flowering trees were in full bloom - I was in heaven.  Now that I am back home in southeastern Michigan, the trees are just beginning to show their buds, so we are still days from any real color.  I love this time of year.  I'll experience my third Spring in late May when I travel to northern Michigan.  The seasons are a full 2-3 weeks behind and I'll get to see Bradford Pears and Weeping Cherries all over again!  What a life. 

I wanted to show you this perfect sign of Spring - impromptu mountain waterfalls!  We took a gorgeous ride through the West Virginia mountains on our way from Washington D.C. to visit the grounds of historic Gettysburg.  The April Showers that fell earlier in the week created spontaneous waterfalls all along the winding road.  It was misty and beautiful!  I held onto my "always try" philosophy and rolled down the window to grab a photograph and it worked!  While not crystal clear, it does show you the rich green foliage and tumbling sprays of water that took my breath away. 

I sang a little of John Denver's "Country Road" as we drove along this gorgeous mountain road.  I just couldn't help myself.  

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