Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tea Drawer

You know that I am an "English Breakfast" girl, through and though.  But I dabble in other varieties now and then and I certainly like to have lots of choices on hand for my friends.  

I've chosen this photo (the gorgeous display in a friend's specialty grocery store) to represent my "Tea Drawer."  I've dedicated one of the narrow drawers in my kitchen to tea!  It is full of boxes and tins just like this and my tea-drinking friends get a kick out of opening the drawer and perusing my selection.

Green?  Herbal?  Decaf? From Paris?  Poland?  England?

What I love is that much of my selection was given to me.  Because I am known for drinking/serving/loving tea, friends will often show up with a box as a present "for the tea drawer."

Do you have a tea drawer?  Do your friends have one?  The next time you go for a visit, bring along a box of your favorite tea to add to their collection.  I know they will love it!

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